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Arc Flash Electrical Safety with NFPA 70E 2015
The Individual Modules  |  Click here to see the 5-Module and 9-Module Bundles

Each module is focuses on the specific topic:

Module 1 – “Introduction to Arc Flash Hazards”
Lesson 1: Arc Flash Risk Assessment Requirements
Lesson 2: The Arc Flash and Arc Blast Hazards
Lesson 3: Determining Energy Levels Of An Arc Flash
Lesson 4: Determining PPE While Working Near A Potential Arc Sensitive Environment
Module 2 – “Introduction to NFPA 70E 2018 Edition”
Lesson 1: The History Of Development Of The NFPA 70E
Lesson 1: NFPA 70E Outlined - The First Look
Lesson 2: Overview of the NFPA 70E Requirements
Lesson 3: Identifying Electrical Hazards and Establishing A Safe Work Condition 
Module 3 – “NFPA 70E & OSHA Qualified Person Requirements”
Lesson 1: The Qualified Person
Lesson 2: Training Requirements Of A Qualified Person
Lesson 3: Documentation Requirements
Lesson 4: What Are The Responsibilities Of The Qualified Person?
Module 4 – “NFPA 70E & OSHA Unqualified Person Requirements”
Lesson 1: What Is An Unqualified Person?
Lesson 2: Identifying The Unqualified Worker In The Workplace
Lesson 3: Boundaries For The Unqualified Worker
Module 5 – “Arc Flash Hazard Analysis”
Lesson 1: Introduction To The Hazards Of Arc Flash Risk Assessment
Lesson 2: The Sequential Elements Of An Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
Lesson 3: Equipment Arc Flash Labeling Requirements
Lesson 4: Arc Flash Precautions For Personnel Activities
Module 6 – “Electrical Safety Program”
Lesson 1: The Electrical Safety Program
Lesson 2: The Content Of An Electrical Safety Program
Lesson 3: Additional Electrical Safety Program Requirements
Module 7 – “Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition (LOTO)”
Lesson 1: The Process Of Establishing An Electrically Safe Work Condition
Lesson 2: Energy Control and Lockout / Tagout
Lesson 3: The Process Of Verifying An Electrically Safe Work Condition
Lesson 4: Essential Requirements Of Re-Energizing An Electrical System
Lesson 5: Management Responsibilities Associated With Lockout / Tagout
Module 8 – “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)”
Lesson 1: Personal Protective Equipment Or PPE
Lesson 2: Appropriate Levels Of PPE For Known Arc Flash Hazards
Lesson 3: Care and Maintenance of PPE
Lesson 4: What Training Is Necessary For PPE Use?
Module 9 – “Energized Electrical Work Permits”
Lesson 1: Justifying Energized Electrical Work
Lesson 2: Development Of An Energized Electrical Work Permit
Lesson 3: Permitted Energized Electrical Work

Learners will receive a Certificate of Completion for successfully passing each individual Module.  The individual modules are licensed for use for 90 days each.  The Due Date for each module is 90 days from the date of purchase.

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